My Goal is to help the builder create a efficient trouble free excavating machine with easily accessible parts. The machine is extremely economical to build and operate .

The "Greens Machines Backhoe" has been thoroughly tested, in day to day home and industrial use, I feel the design is the most versatile created to date.

The long term goal will be having a machine that can use multiple energy sources, to allow it to keep digging long into the future
The backhoe is 32" wide in tow mode, it  will fit through the narrowest gate or door.

For my property and garden I need a tractor that will serve many purposes. The "Worker Bee" will take the place of a Mower, power Wheel barrow, small Loader, Scraper, Rototiller, Snow plow, Road Grader and Generator.

With the "Worker Bee" and the Backhoe there are not many small jobs that cant be done.


The Greens Machines and Cycle states no warranty. It is the responsibility of the builder to bear the liability for the construction of the backhoe or Electric walk behind tractor, we are not responsible for any misprints or errors that may occur.
A Man and his backhoe
The Greens Machines and Cycles
CAD Plans for The Walk Behind Tractor
Towable Backhoe