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The Greens Machines and Cycle states no warranty. It is the responsibility of the builder to bear the liability for the construction of the Backhoe or Walk Behind tractor we are not responsible for any misprints or errors that may occur .

I have set the Pay Pal up for shipping to the Continental U.S.
 I will also send the plans anywhere in the world.
​Special shipping rates will apply outside the U.S. Contact me  for cost.
 I offer technical assistance with all sets of Plans we sell.
3 Plan set...
Buy Backhoe, Original Walk Behind Tractor plans and Updated Walk Behind Tractor and Attachments. 145 Pages of plans and visuals.  save $ over buying individually. 
$180.00 U.S Dollars
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2 Plan set ..
Original and New design Walk Behind Tractor with attachments. (Without backhoe plans) 105 Pages of plans with visuals to let the builder create either or both Walk behind machines.
$120.00 U.S. Dollars 

The Greens Machines and Cycles
CAD Plans for The Walk Behind Tractor
Towable Backhoe

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 I have been building machines and selling plans for 8 years. The plan sets that I sell are drawn from a finished machine that has been tested and improved.
 Both machines can be built without expensive specialty tools. 
The Backhoe will take about 45 hours to build, materials will cost approximately $1500.00.
The Electric Walk Behind Tractor will take about 50 hours to build, materials will cost approximately $950.00 plus batteries. 
The build time will depend on the builders experience. Materials cost is based on all new parts, cost of materials will vary.

Electric Walk Behind Tractor plans. 
The Electric Walk Behind Tractor plans are 55 pages of Cad drawings, materials list, sources, visuals and hints.
1 Walk Behind Tractor per set of plans.
                                                   $80.00 U.S. dollars©
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 The Greens Machines and Cycles
PO Box 441
Cedar Ridge CA. 95924
 [email protected]

Backhoe and Electric Walk Behind Tractor plans. $120.00 U.S. dollars.
The original Workhorse team. 
Buy both sets of plans and Save$.
"Electric Walk Behind Tractor Modifications and Attachments".
These plans are for the builder that already has an Electric Walk Behind Tractor or the plans and wants just the New Attachments and Modifications. $80.00 U.S. Dollars. 
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Plans are 45 pages: Including Cad plans, visuals and materials lists. 
1 Backhoe per set of plans.   $80.00 U.S. dollars©
Backhoe Plans
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