The Greens Machines and Cycles
CAD Plans for The Walk Behind Tractor
Towable Backhoe
Watch the backhoe doing a "big job" on
                          Here are some projects that I do for fun!

                Our Electric  tractor  

Human power

"The Greens Backhoe ,You Tube"    
Click on the links below to watch The Electric Tractor or The Walk Behind Tractor in action.
Go to "thegreensbackhoe" on Youtube to see all my videos
Using Worker Bee to help build solar shed.
Plowing Snow.
Watch the building of the jump ramp.
Plastic cover air welding. 
Watch the Electric Backhoe on Youtube.
Original backhoe on Youtube.
Backhoe instructional.
Doing farm chores.
New Machines on YouTube. 
Click on pic to watch video.
The Green's Backhoe and Walk behind Tractor- 
                                                                             Farm Show. 
   Walk Behind Tractor.
    The Greens Backhoe in the United Kingdom.
Walk behind tractor movie.
I made my own lumber! See the new Sawmill in action. 
 Click on picture.
110 volt or gas digger