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My wife loves her garden. In the spring she uses the plow to turn the mulch under. Her garden is beautiful and "Chemical Free".  
With the rippers and a front loader, I can scarify and move hard rocky ground just like the big tractors. Only thing missing is the noise and exhaust. 
The box can be dumped by hand or it can be done using the bucket curl. Gates and tight spaces are not a problem for the "Worker Bee". 

There is not much that I can't do with this machine. I use it to grade the driveway, then I use it to put the gravel on the driveway.

The heart of the machine is an easy to build frame. All square cuts, can be welded with the smaller 110 volt welders. The components are readily available, I give all the sources with the plan set. Some people may choose to use their riding lawn mower with the worn out engine. The plans will come with tutorials to build the tractor using donor parts, which will bring the cost down further. 
Power Wheelbarrow
Walk Behind Tractor Basics...
When the Electric Tractor plans were done..
 I built two tractors from  the plans.
The tractor from the plans works as hard as the original.  
Add plywood and batteries. Ready to work! 
The Greens Machines and Cycles
CAD Plans for The Walk Behind Tractor
Towable Backhoe

The Plans will show the builder how to convert that old riding mower into a Walk Behind Tractor.
There is not much that can't be done with these two machines. 
I now have a gas lawn mower and a gas rototiller that I do not use any more. I converted a discarded riding lawn mower deck to a single mower deck. It takes about 5 minutes to go from a earth moving machine to a mowing machine. It only takes a 3/4 horse power electric motor to run a single blade mower. I do not give a conversion for a specific mower deck but with the plans and tutorials most decks can be converted.
I am able to move lumber with the "Worker Bee". Then by connecting an Invertor to the battery pack I am able to run the saw to cut the lumber, I can also have electricity at home when the power is out. 
I do not enjoy shoveling snow. The Tractor is able to plow snow that is over a foot deep, the only time I have had to shovel snow was on my deck. You can bet that if I could have gotten the "Worker Bee" up the stairs, I would have plowed my deck with it. 
The safest way to manage a large burn pile. 
Plenty of power with no fuel or oil to catch on fire.