You tube electric digger
Backhoe  Specifications ...

Weight: 400 pounds without operator
Reach: 6 '
Digging Depth: 4'6'
Swing: 360 degrees
Bucket force: 2000lbs. 
Bucket: 6 or 12 "
Pump: 3 gallon per minute, 3000 psi rated.
Tank: 3 gallon pre welded
Overall length: 4'
Width in tow mode: 36"
Maximum stabilizer width: 36"
Minimum width without wheels and stabilizers: 32"

               Why build this backhoe?

Because the 4 point stabilized design and 360 degree swing, this 400 pound backhoe will do the same work as a 2000 pound towable backhoe.

Because you use your feet and legs to swing this backhoe, it is faster and easier to operate (only 3 valves).

It will store as easily as your rototiller.

Due to the efficiency of this design it is less costly to build (cost is about the same as a GOOD rototiller).

Most important! ... The modular power plant design allows the machine to run on gas engine, battery or household electricity!

The power is in the bucket curl.
Watch the Electric Backhoe on Youtube.
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Original backhoe on Youtube.
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     Electric tractor Specifications...

Weight:  340 pounds, Depends on batteries.
Width: 32" at the loader bucket.
Transmission:  5 speed gear type.
Motor: 1 Hp Continuous duty.
Tires: 16" All Terrain.
Battery capacity: approximately 340 AH.
                 Why build this Tractor?

Will take the place of a Rototiller, Power Wheelbarrow, small loader, Small bulldozer, Lawn mower, Snow blower and a small generator.

No gas, No oil, No noise, no smoke.

Can be charged from Solar or a wall outlet.

Walking is a great exercise.
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