Electric tow-able Backhoe
The Original 360 degree Backhoe can run on a Gas Engine or an Electric Motor. The best mining or underground digger that can do everything the big backhoes can and it can plug into a wall outlet.

Repairing a driveway with a mini backhoe and electric tractor. Small efficient and rugged machines that will do the same work as the big machines and they are built in my shop. Contact thegreensmachines.com to get your plans and build your own.

Electric Backhoe Trenching for new water lines.

The Greens Machines Backhoe Walk Around. New Tow-able backhoe with brand new hoses, getting a test run before going into service. This backhoe is the size of a Rototiller. It digs like a big machine.


Backhoe Instructional Movie

Putting in a new Septic Tank and Risers

The Greens Machines Backhoe being towed to a job site, digging ditches, septic tank holes , moving rocks , finishing a big job and going to the next project. Doing the job of a big machine.