Electric tow-able Backhoe
The Original 360 degree Backhoe can run on a Gas Engine or an Electric Motor. The best mining or underground digger that can do everything the big backhoes can and it can plug into a wall outlet.

Electric Backhoe Trenching for new water lines.

The Greens Machines Backhoe Walk Around. New Tow-able backhoe with brand new hoses, getting a test run before going into service. This backhoe is the size of a Rototiller. It digs like a big machine.


Backhoe Instructional Movie

Putting in a new Septic Tank and Risers

The Greens Machines Backhoe being towed to a job site, digging ditches, septic tank holes , moving rocks , finishing a big job and going to the next project. Doing the job of a big machine.